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About PMS

Prestige Multi System Sdn Bhd (PMS) envisages a healthy community comfortably engaged (seated) as spectators or members of an audience (in formal and informal settings). The prime objective of the organisation is to source the best seating products that are affordable without compromising on quality, durability and sustainability. Providing seating solutions through win-win collaborative negotiations, adequate product warranty and customer service through best practices are hallmarks of the company.

It is a private limited company with an excellent track record of providing modern, sophisticated seating products to cater a community that demands the finest in terms of comfort, durability and ergonomic specifications. Through an integrated and systematic approach our products are designed and benchmarked against international standards and customised to cater to local social, cultural, economic and environmental specifications. The company's design division provides complete product development consultancy in terms of industrial design, graphics, packaging and promotional tools for marketing. The current products meets the varying specific requirements of modern auditoriums, stadiums, institutions of learning, light and heavy industrial workshops, entertainment and leisure halls.

Key Personnel

Niki Nelson Koren, Managing Director
Businessman with proven track record. Handled many large seating projects such as F1 Circuit in Sepang, National Theatre in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu Sport Complex and F1 Circuit for Abu Dhabi.

Pioneer in seating systems in Malaysia and has collaborations with Companies in Korea and Japan. Specialized in Retractable seating systems. Total 22 years experience in seating systems.

Manages the entire functions : Manufacturing, Marketing and Installation of the projects.

G.D.Vernekar, Technical Director
Mr Vernekar, is the personnel entrusted with the responsibility of heading, leading and managing the team that provides technical insights of efficient ergonomic seating designs for PMS. He ensures that optimum customer satisfaction is met in terms of safety, comfort and durability.

He has more than 12 years of experience in the furniture industry and has had the credit of the design, manufacturing and installation of large projects such as AIMST Malaysia, Dubai Police Academy and Ministry of Defence Cuba. With his vast knowledge and experience, Mr Vernekar is an asset to the organisation especially in the R&D sector to design products that would meet international standards and specifications. He also provides excellent insights to modern and sophisticated seating designs that would meet the ever changing needs of current and future clients in the seating industry.